free video magazine download

found this link on if you want a free 30 minute avi format video of some wild skating check this out.
(file is 200 MegaBytes in size so your going to need cable or ADSL or shit loads of patients on the old 56Kb modem)

is it bowls or flip flop street stuff?
have you seen the vid of Tony Trujillo at bondi that is on - bloody incredible!

I havent seen that bondi vid - and cant seem to find it. Where on did you find it?

me either… looking… looking…

post a link to the thread there Rich :slight_smile:

If you go to the home page on the right hand side is a small group of links interviews and vids etc. If you click on the + next to the vids you will go to a list of videos and it is in there.

Good luck

Shit the bed is right!

Guys ride the thing like it’s a mini!

its called TNTand Omar
Filmed By: Red Dawg
Park: Acacia Ridge Skate Park

not sure why the title is so cryptic, it will rock your socks though.

the video magazine is mainly “new school”, but it is worth watching.