Friday 13th Springy Ditch Night Slalom

Time to Shred!
Friday 13th may 2011…after dark

Timed ditch slalom in the dark!

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What he said but in a really big font. Dirty Harry (no ref to Ludi)will rise from mire ready to shoot the ditch zombie style

We’re Baaaack!

Friday 13th February 2015

At night…as usual!

4 more sleeps!

I reckon you’re ‘pee your pants, excited’…Bernie!!!

1 more sleep.

Are we going to see you Sean?

Can’t make it unfortunately Bernie.
Got my monthly appt at my local acupuncture clinic, 8pm Friday evening :exclamation:

Just in the nick of time too as my back has been giving me some grief today :frowning:

Feeling good is a top priority!

Tonight is cancelled.

Melbourne area

Humid. Mostly sunny this morning, but becoming cloudy this afternoon. High (80%) chance of showers, most likely late afternoon and evening and the chance of a thunderstorm. Winds north to northeasterly 15 to 25 km/h tending southeasterly this afternoon.

Rescheduled ditch session is this Friday Night 13th March 2015!

Rip it up guys, spewin I can’t make it.

Ditch tonight 8.30

is it mossjam time already

Yep, main event tomorrow at Noble Park. Slalom at Fawkner Park on Sunday at 11