Full Pipes?

Hey, yeah I am new to the site, is their any skateable full pipes in either SA or VIC?

Welcome, dunno but someone here will.

Motley - have just come from Nth coast NSW. They were building a huge drain under the New England Hwy near Armidale with MASSIVE concrete pipes about 20ft in diameter. I can try and pinpoint the site on map if anyone wants to check it out.

Not in NSW,

…But I am in Katherine and Darwin NT this weekend…

So I am hitting the large metal fullpipes that were in SLAM a few issues ago!!!

Armidale is that much further north to Newcastle?

Going from Sydney to Armidale is about 550km via the New England Hwy - Newcastle isnt even half way between Sydney and Armidale. It is almost halfway between Sydney and Brisbane though.

As a former resident of Armidale and Tamworth I have an idea of where this might be…but I havent been up that way for a while, and would find it hard to pinpoint the spot. Its about 100km between Armidale and Tamworth, so somewhere in that hours drive would be the spot!

ROAD trip Road trip.
post directions and location from a gps device if you can

Anybody know where the full pipes are in the Snowy Mountains? They featured in Slam sometime ago!

mate ill do some digging for you as I have a fair few mates who have been there. will hook you up a link from some caving mates which will give you hints.

No one will give you a map there as its kind of skatings holy grail and is protected for that reason

(could take me a day or 2)

ozmasterlist.oscillator.com.au/d … age_01.htm
this link will give you some pics of my caving mates trip there. all the Skaters I know keep it quite. unfortunately my other internet link is now no good ( it had a hint of directions) as my mates website has now been changed (if you can find the Cave clan I know the crew have been there many times. also video “Tent City” has some footage)

All I can say is enjoy finding Geehi

here is another hint
whereis.com/whereis/mapping/ … s&x=25&y=8
man you are so much closer than I am.
you will need a rope for access, a petrol leaf blower and possible a pump to clean the pot hole out.

if you get there post a pic