Gday all

Was put onto the site through a fellow member, so decided to join. Names Brad and I’m a big fan of “stuff”

I’ll be sure to be frequenting the forums on a regular basis


Welcome Brad Newidude.

Hook up with the NACCOS man!

BEANS :laughing:

welcome brad!


Ahhh…, me thinks you are the one who is pretty damn handy with a camera. Referred to as ‘Bread Stick’ by young Kip Yarrow. Welcome to the saner side you slowly ageing soul. NACCOS and the NEWcastle TRADITIONALISTS await your presence. San Remo, Slam Factory and road trippery are our thing.

welcome to the darkside brad ,fanx again for the fisheye for those not in the know brad is one of newys finest skate photogs 8)

John you Pom. I said saner side! Don’t give him the wrong idea. Darkside is in Surfer’s remember?

you say potato i say potato its all relevent. i cried cause i had no dc shoes till i met a man who had no feet.

welcome brad ,look forward to meeting you dude…boomer