Glen Eira Skate Park Debate

For those of you unaware there has been strong opposition to a proposed skate park on Bambra Road in South Caulfield…residents believe “there was a perception that it attracts undesireables who may also be involved in illicit substance abuse”. “The question is, are these perceptions based on fact or fiction”

There is a debate facing these facts on Tuesday November 9 at 8pm at the Glen Huntly Park Function Room at the corner of Booran Road and Neerim Road.

Please all of you who can attend please wear your best clobber, bring your best defense and get there!!!

We need to bring proof to these residents that the skate park will be in the best interests of the community as opposed to the worst.

Any one in the area should get behind this, it already has the support of the Kernow crew and the Melbourne old school guys.

I have heard that it starts at 7pm, so get ther early.