Global Assault 2006 Big Air Practice Session 1

“what was was and what is is is and this what is is what’s happening right now” shear f##kin poetry from big paulie! (American Chopper)

Haven’t had much time as yet to do much with the footage i got at rod laver last weekend but here’s a page on my site where you’ll find some footage. Oh yeah and the music is from Scott Tansley (used with permission - thanks mate). Click on big air practice session 1

“old school baby”

rentos backside ollie inc ‘windows down’ - fark yeh.

I saw Rentons backside ollie on the live webcast. Geez it looked big! Renton told me that his ollie in the comp was 9.5 feet. Damn thats a big backside ollie! It fukn rules! Nice work Renton. It gave me the same feeling I have about Biff from almost 28 years ago. I hope I can do one that big one day.