Go girl

Rachael Jarvie gets a similar pic to this in Concrete wave. Amaising sight indeed. Im officially a fan now.

And from behind.

shes got a great set…

of wheels!!!

Id like to frontside lip slide with her and a backside tail tap for good measure looks like she can skate as well

I’m disappointed that she isnt wearing approved safety apparell - I mean what sort of message is she sending to the kids out there? 8)

God forbid all the female skaters in the world start hitting the parks dressed like young Rach.

Dont see to many scars…so maybe she is just teasing us and normally skates with the correct attire.

I think she has built in safrety gear.
Any shots of her eating it, show us the gravel rash :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Id like to show here Pash rash lol

The blonde shirt just isnt going to do the trick anymore is it :smiley:

It still does it for me :smiley: