Go into the deck business

OMNI man Carey is flogging his deck machine.


Cheap home business set up in your garage, hand paint originals - like DP, Danforth did in the day…

MASHers, lets all put $200 in then Scott and perhaps Clay if he agrees can build heaps of boards and flow us all some MASH proddy

Your buying trouble there I recon. Id rather stick with helping out Braden on design and let someone else (Factory 13) deal with the manufacture. That machine would require a lot of expensive matenance. And its only a router. It doesnt press the boards. Youd have to use stock concaved blanks. And none of his moulds will rout anything bigger than 8 inches. Bah. Pass.

The voice of engineering wisdom has spoken And I obey…

I have spoken to the 3 producers of decks I know of in this country, and the biggest double kick shape they will do is 8.5". No carbon and no formica, but could be handy for a 7 ply standard pool deck.