Gods Country




The flavor of the month.




The hole

Man that looks like fun.

MAS*H requesting permission to skate - Sir.

All certifiable MASH agents have been cleared for pool entry for some time. Mustang Mark has been entrusted with the flight paths.

Pool Service

can you call me when this is happening pls Mark…ta in advance , MickT 0415836562 :wink:

would love to come down even just to take photos this stuff needs documenting
john the pom

before I let anyone get too excited, three facts:

  1. it is now a potential bust.

  2. it is supposed to be demolished this week (I hear).

  3. definitely no go for genny and ligits.

also, it ain’t easy!
pool service.

Nice sk8 but very tight. Sucked me in and spat me out a few times. Pick the right lines and hit it with speed and it gives a wild carve. Sad to hear it may be demolished soon.Fun whilst it lasted. Sat the handy cam at the shallow end got some footage of me some times carving and some times bailing or slaming . lot smaller than it looks though.

Wicked crew, hey nick, now you know what is was like to stand in the shallowend of pymbal pool.