google maps re-done

hey folks (ok, so this is more directed at chris m)

google maps has just been re-modeled, now you can now zoom in to a stupid distance and see CLEARLY the layout of streets, backyards and POOLS!

ok, so i haven’t seen any pools yet, but i am at work, so chris, if you come up with anything and want to go scope it out, distribute a phone call my way…


Was looking at Canberra on google earth recently and noticed many blocks where a house burnt down in the fires a few years ago. And many of them appear to have pools in the backyard.
Heres one example

Does anyone know if there are still lots of empty blocks in Canberra?
They hadnt started building much when I was there about a year ago.
Could be a Pool bonanza all over the place!! 8)

A few of the Western Creek boys went on a pool mission not long after the fires swept through. Apparently they were pretty successful!

Dunno how many empty blocks there’d still be though. It was a fairly wealthy suburb. Doubt they’d leave it baron for too long.

They haven’t done the key eastern suburbs and sand belt suburbs of Melbourne where most of the pools are. They are still such low res its a joke.