Goulburn Sunday 19th

Chop and I are leaving mine 8am. 3 hours approx so we’ll see y’all there 11ish.

bring ya helmet!

havent heard from Dave so Rich and I should hopefully get a warm up skate before you arrive

Teach me to take the piss out of Clay for not wearing one. If I didn’t have the stackhat on - you guys would have been calling an ambo.

Always wear your helmet kids!

Steve and I are taking turns driving the Ferrari. Should beat you all. Ha ha. :smiling_imp:

Im wearing my helmet. :open_mouth:

bring ya broom kids, it tends to get a bit dusty. the park is next to the goulburn swimming pool up the hill to the right when you drive into town…

Dave’s a no show. (understandable given he is about to be a dad, maybe we should start another bookies thread)

Bondi Tomorrow Goulburn Sunday .

Wonder if I’ll see Animal Chin???

Goulburn Goulburn Goulburn!!!

Rain Rain Rain!!!

place has been in drought for months it has level 5 water restrictions.
MAS*H go the road trip and what happens. It rains. I’ve email the mayor and he says we can come more often as long as we bring our mystery rain maker with.

Sorry to hear the inaugural MAS*H road trip was a wash out so to speak, at least I didnt drag my sorry, too much red wine, hung over ass down the freeway to witness the end of the drought!! Probably saved myself a fortune as well as a result of not letting my girl loose on Goulburns Antique stores, hope it didnt cost you too much Clay!
Bargo would have been going off though. Hey Bondi Boy, I remembered when I got home on Saturday that I have a spare set of 78a cloud nine longboard wheels. If you want em you can have em. Im in for a mash shirt as well Steve. See you guys at a session soon.

78a wheels dude howmuch???

take the tip if your near Bargo keep driving (no offence to the Bargonian skaters but Annandale/summerhill piss on the joint previous comments on Bargo were meant in the spirit of jest) your better of hitting up campbelltown cause that place is awesome

next session is at our home stomping ground Dullo without the 5 hour round trip

Blake and I lucked-in big time.Went to Marulen first and it was dry,had a fantastic session there.It is heaps of fun actually,spend some time,learn the lines and skate it just like a backyard pool.Whipping back from the shallow off the tight trannies was shit-hot.
Off to Goulborn,and dry enough to skate,bloody-hell you can have some fun at that place,so many lines.All went well for about an hour till I got overly keen going over that big roll-in and hit it at speed(have you ever seen bird shit hit cement----Splat…)
Good day.You have to pay to play REGARDS.CLAY

So if we’d a stayed at Goulburn long enough…

Next week we’re planning Dullo Via Newcastle :blush:

Didn’t matter guys, we had a good time, we got to skate some places we hadn’t, we got an arvo in at MAS*H HQ.

good to hear you got a skate in clay. i’m keen to try marulan again now after your report and townsville tony was talking it up yesterday as well, i dismissed the shallow as unskateable - guess i never skated enough backyard pools.
see ya wednesday mashers.

Thought might bump this topic. Are we up to planning another try at Goulburn? Or do we wanna wait and do the big CBR MASH MOSS tent city thing and get Goulburn on the way home later in the year?

do both

Goulburn then - Sunday October 16th???

have to check with the misses and Mayor of Goulburn. Im not going if the place is in drought again!

what happened to the canberra trip?

A lot of MOSSers will come up for the SOS jam and Rad Brads TS gig in November.

Maybe we make the CBR trip December, late Jan '06 even to get past the school hols?

make it september or October. Dec,Jan is to hot in Canberra which means not much skating during daylight hours