Hand Colouring Wheels

Hi guys,

I happened across the hand coloured wheels in the Bull Dog Skates site! bulldogskates.com/memgallery_1.htm

Some of the results are awesome, does anyone know how to do these awesome effects?

Or a link to go to (how to do?).

One of my daughter’s wants her skate wheels to be unique! So I thought I might give this hand colouring a go, but I have no idea where to start!


I know Skatexec dyed some of his wheels but I think he only went for one colour.

Skatexec any suggestions for Dave???


You buy clothing dye from the spotlight, or hobbysew - that sorta shop. Sometimes chemists carry the stuff.

Follow the instructions as per dying clothing i.e. boil up some water in a pot, keep it hot (not bubbling - but hot) add the dye and drop the wheels in. the longer you boil em - the more colour they get. It’s amazing.

A word of caution. The stuff obviously will dye anything you’re wearing but it will also dye the laminate on the kitchen bench :blush: Don’t spill/splash it about.

I got some black dragons but the die doesnt seem to work lol

The yanks use RIT dye not sure how they get some of the squiggly patterns though

hey Dave,
with tie dye you get the paterns when you prevent dye from from imprinting by using knots or wax. by adding oils to the dye you can create a similar effect to the wheels. good luck :unamused:


Thanks guys,

I’m going to experiement this weekend!

Dave… how did the experimenting go???
didn’t blow up the garden shed now!!!

seriously how did the wheels turn out?