Happy Birthday Dude

Happy Birthday Mosu, I hoped to make your bbq, but had to go flathunting (found a cool place, if approved, that is about three doors from Fox - believe it or not!). I SMSed Muzza asking him to give you a ‘pre-grab birthday kiss’ on my behalf. Hope he had a good pucker up … :open_mouth:

Hey Mosu, happy birthday man!

ditto - happy birthday

Thanks Dudes :smiley:

happy birthday doooode!..boomer :slight_smile:

Happy birthday…what age bracket does that put you into now!


mark, now you can say “life begins at 40” :laughing:
great barbeque, i agree with all there that we need more of these family picnic day skate sessions.
:question: who’s getting older next???

it was a fun day. happy birthday to you too bbpete!

Am hittin’ me Boithday early next month’
Should do a barby / family session again, that would be kewel’

My miss’z & me really enjoyed Mosu’s…cept’ fer the Board breakage ! heh-heh-heh…

Such disrespect Cameron. How dare you! Happy birthday mosu, you ole bastard!