Happy Birthday SkatExec

Happy 40th SkatExec!

thanks for the invite to the radest party. Here’s to your 80th and skating with a walking frame

Happy Birthday Steve. Welcome to the 40’s club!

Happy Boithday Exec’ (f/side 50ing till 70…oh hell…till 80’s at least)
u rad dude u’ !
C-y’all on Sat 1st !

appy birfday shintarozec

Had a mighty fine time at the birthday party. Thanks sk8exec family. Big happy 40th.

happy birthday steve ,keep rollin’ dude…boomer :wink:

Cheers on the big 40 shinthomoxec Steve !

Cheers guys, just back at work today after delivering guests to airport and a recovery day.

Sorry I couldn’t invite everybody. Those that came will attest to the crowd size and estimate the cost.

Gotta give big ups to the Mexicans for producing Corona. Never have I drank sooo many beers and woke up in such good nick. That many Snake-bites (VB) and I woulda been a blur.

Shouldn’t one be celebrating the very recent birth of Thommo or mourning the loss of Skate Exec or even turning to Shintaro for ancient wisdom as pure as driven snow?

Cheers to the lot of 'em! And yeah, even I know Mexican beer is INFINITELY superior to VB!

I am the sensible one here, don’t listen to that westie borf Thommo. How he got out I don’t know, the medication is supposed to keep him at bay along with Shintaro but I see they’ve both infiltrated the forums here.

I feel a bout of shock therapy coming up :cry:

four oh! - an achievement to still be putting the bones at peril.
Another 5 years and you can look forward to a black metal dress with hemisphere baubles and a suction cup for doing air/bertlemans.
Keep on converting the world to concrete.
See you in Melbourne.

40 huh! a sucksess.

Happy Birthday Steve,get any good new toys ?

Mick I just ordered a lil’ grimmie and some 78a Tunnels for a pseudo slalom street setup. Cheers to mosu, BB66 and Braden there.

Got a bunch of gifts people put a lot of thought into which were really cool.