Hardware/set up suggestions.....new (old) skater!!


Been out of the game for around 18-20 years!!
Had a solo sess recently (ouch!) and yes well i’m hooked again! Yeew!

Need some advice, so many brands, so many styles… What would you suggest for a new set up?

I’ll will mainly be cruising bowls and parks… Knees wont hold up for street too well anymore. Would prefer a slightly softer mid hardness wheel, the board i recently borrowed chattered my teeth!

I used to ride mainly powell peralta decks… And I dont mind the modern shape… Any suggestions?

Are there any aussie brands getting around worth looking at… I shape surfboards so always keen to stay local!!

Marty :confused:

have a look in skatshops, Hambo or Loxin should be able to sort you out,

Or have a look at an indi manufactuter,
Karl, Ivan, or one of the guys over on ASRA.

mmmm a surfboard shaper you say…welcome Marty!

Welcome back to sorry, these guys here can sort you out any skatin ya into and a rad chat an sesh with it… hope you guy,s are all cool

thanks lads…

been crawling the net havin a look around…so many brands and styles now…whoooaaa!!

would be great to get some thoughts on board width/length? and wheel size?

Back 18 or so years ago I never really looked at sizes and options all that much, being a kid I just went with what was popular!!!

I was thinking wider maybe 8", and longer maybe 14" might be more stable?? (could be handy!)

Wheels I thought small or mid size…something a little softer than those bone rattling teeth chatterers!!!

I have inherited (from a buddy) and old tommy guerrero powell peralta deck from early 90’s with some small hard wheels and indy trucks…so probably look at wheels and bearings>>>>and safety gear first.

I like the look of pro designed pads etc…is there anywhere they go for cheap?!

Thanks again

Hit skateshop thread…
Rainskates (jimmy) for rainskates wheels and rons bearings
pro designed (dirk) for wrist guards and knee pads
Hopkin (hop) for any longboard gear and a helmet

3 of the best guys you will EVER meet and the best products made…sorted!

Welcome Marty!

Board - start on something biggish in width and wheelbase . We never talked wheelbase ‘in the day’ but a lot of modern boards have much shorter wheelbases than you’d have had in the 80’s. 15" should be your minimum. Have a look at ‘Rainskates’ in the shop thread for Jimmy, he can help you out with Pocket Pistols wood (some great full size shapes) and wheels that aren’t rock hard to get you started.

Pretty much whatever trucks you rode back then are still around (with a few exceptions) and I’d advise you get them* - helps get mojo back if the trucks are familiar feeling - even if it was 20 years ago!

[size=75]*Except if they were Trackers - they suck :wink: Haaahahahahah![/size]

Welcome Marty, I suggest you get on something similar to what you were used to before you stopped skating and work from there.
Try having a ride of some of us olderguys boards to see what works wouldnt hurt either.
Tip ; The wider the deck and the longer wheel base the more stable it will be, (few exceptions !)
Give anything a try and see what your comfy with. Good Skating :slight_smile: