Have You Seen Him.....The Search For.....

So, have you seen him…does Charlie still live to skate???


Or maybe he’s living in his ‘own private idaho’


Braden has relocated to Lennox Head, skateboards are dusty, but surfboard is busy. he is happy to have visitors

Yep, I did read that somewhere here on CDS Bernie. But thanks for verifying it anyway. Looks like Braden has an ‘idaho’ of his own, lucky bugger.

I wasn’t referring to Braden btw with the title of the thread. It was more tongue in check stuff as to the non posting side of the site. Anyway, I was just having a little fun with this thread. Found that clip and it brought back some good memories, so I thought I would share.

Hopefully there are others who will want to share some memories too.