Here comes Santa Clause, here comes Santa Claus............

I hope BDS Santa has loaded up his sleigh with BDS goodies for the boys and girls.

I’ve been good all year will have my sack out christmas eve waiting :laughing:

Z-13 would look good under the tree. Depending when they arrive, might have to keep the tree up for a while. :stuck_out_tongue:
MMMMMn and a few more sets of rockets. :wink:

It looks like we will have to wait till production run of Quad 10,11 and 12.
But I will have ready to ship for Christmas the ,
8 Wheeler
Red and Blue mini dubs in soft 87A formula (perfect for the cruizer board)
Ultrathane natural mini dubs in 98A.
Those BDS boxes will arrive at your door before Christmas eve, and there will be fresh Concrete wave for everyone!!!

OMG, I originally thought of the 8 wheeler as a gimic kinda coolness. But I just cant stop thinkn how totally wacked out it’d be to haul that 13 inch wide 8 wheel BDS magic ride around a big skate park like Maroubra or Dulwich Hill. Ok so I have the BDS sickness. Ok so its more of a blissfull state of mind. Still, anyway, I want to do it. I know ive probly missed the aqua mid trucks. No biggy. I have a spray booth. I’ll design a cool colour grad for em and spray em up with some cool colour in two pack. Wheels will be either the gassers (if available) or cow skulls or winged skulls. I really dig the harder (99a) winged skulls I have on my red kross Olson pool. But I’ll hold off on the wheel choice till I have this baby in my hands. Either way It WILL be BDSSSSSSSSSS wheelsssss. And Braden those rockets, well I mean thats a perfect name for em ey.

Oops, forgot to login. That be me, Scott. Z13 & 8 wheeler. Bring it on.

I have not heard anything about the Aqua mid tracks lately, but if you want a set I will do my best to deliver. They are gonna look great!

Better remember to fit the wheels before the trucks. :confused: :confused: :astonished: