Hey Bondiboy66

Hi,thanks for your message on CD.So if the offer stands,Id love to come out with MASH.Ive just come back from NY,but I heard about this thing on Saturday already,Im gona come down and check it out.I’ll keep an eye out for anyone that looks over 30!
PS. Its Ali,Julianne’s the middle name.For some reason when I typed it into CD it didnt show :smiley: :smiley:

Cool mate! If you come down real early, like about 8am, a few of us will be there either skating or maybe helping set up this comp thing. Look for the geezers wearing MASH shirts, riding big boards, or at least are’nt teenagers! Can’t promise that I’ll be there personally, but I’m sure you will be made welcome!

Sweet.I wont be there 8am (work) but I’ll keep an eye out for the old dudes!