Holey trucks

I have a few sets of these coming with the Grindkings, anybody interested?..here’s the blurb:
These trucks ride as good as they look. 175mm wide, dropped kingpin for extra stability and an awesome carve, hardened steel axle and kingpin, and high rebound clear red bushings. They’re adjustable enough to be good for parks, sliding, carving, bombing, racing even. The build quality and attention to detail is amazing as well - everything about these trucks is pretty much spot on. Price per pair, fit new and old-school drill patterns.

Might be nice on the new 44" BDS super pig!


holeys are the mutts nutz,we first saw these early part of last year in the uk, i think they turn better than randalls…recommended dooodes! 8)

Good name for a band the MUTT’S NUTT’S…

Im getting some Holeys as we speak they get awesome reviews and they look so sexy. How much will they be???

Put me down for a Super Pig. Thanks

I now have one in each hand…I am holding or should i be honest and say fondling a set of Holey’s.

these have to be the sexiest trucks made …they look nicer than the pics and if they are 1/2 as good as the reviews, they should be awesome carving/ Longboard trucks.

As the holey sticker says " Holey truck they turn" these are the smoothest tightest carving trucks and look so sexy.

I set them up on an unsuitable 36" deck with some 90mm Fly wheels ( way to big for the deck) and then BDS 80a dragons and my god they are awesome, set loose you can carve turn in the width of the foot path and still go fairly quick with no wobbles…they dont have the same wobbly feel as loose randals do and did I mention how good they look.
Cant wait till my suitable deck arrives

What are you putting them on Fletch? Superpig?

kebbek hairpins

Fletch - those trucks look suave as. How do reckon they would go as far as going on a squirrily little 70’s style set up. Like on a Biniak Logan remake for instance (8 x 31.5). Something that would carve and bert hard and tight - but stability for kickturns is the question. Nice looking gear though and seems like the quality from the photo is first class.

too wide Michael…hows the knee old man?

Pity. they do look so good. I’m thinkin I need some kinda 70’s type setup here Braden - tracker mid track or some such - anything in your magic shop. Knee is still fREAking sore when I happen to bend it the wrong way but miles better than it was last week - thanks for asking. I even went for a tiny little stand up roll in the carpark down the street this arvo (naughty naughty). didn’t aggravate anything but I do have to keep off the board for prolly 2 weeks more at least. At least I’m having a very good lie down. When I return to a skatin life please please lets go to Melton or Springvale. I don’t think I shall ever go to Newport again - I’m tellin you THE PLACE IS CURSED, THERE IS A HEX THERE, BAD JUJU, VOODOO, GYPSY BLOOD, BONE POINTING - I’m just going off now to take some things from the fridge and then I’m going to calm down. Calm down.
I see you finally ejected that processed meat scum from the site - good work sir, I hope you didn’t let them make any loud noises as you terminated with extreme prejudice.

We can go anywhere you want, springy will be wild. Box Hill was good last night…feeling pressure (internal ) to drop for the mossjam though…we’ll see.
I’m thinking fultracks or mids for the logan.

Go for it dude. I’ll probably have to start all over again and play catch up when I get back on wheels. Reconquer fear etc. Shorter board helps dropping I found. Box Hill is the place for you. Though Chelts is good for working along the taper wall. All the best for your program - some mind altering substances that eliminate fear and pain are also helpful.

Springy is intriguing is it not.

Mike how’s the Biniak project going? I tried some down hill Gull wing cruisers on a 80 s style board .Completly different ride but the rubbers were a bit too hard cause I only weigh around 60 kilos. fixed the problem now but cant ride for a while cause I broke my ribs again.(Bondi bit me)Check Doggy Z- boys doco for some Biniak footage at the dog bowl on a Logan Biniak model.Sorry to hear of your injury get well soon.Saurus project is still going a head. I am building a mock up soon for Dave to look over and see how close we can get to the original. Once that is done I will proceed with production.Dave gave me the graphics as well and I hope to make a limited run of T shirts too.

I’m just starting to focus on Biniak project now Richie. Gull wing cruisers - good suggestion will look into that. funny you should mention the Doco - cause I looked at it again the other day to check out the machine in action and you can see quite clearly that the Binaik really is a kind of Zephyr with a kick tail. Lots of rocker. Never realised that until I saw Sean’s deck. Good size deck too at 8 x 31.5. Quite excited to try and make one of these and give it a go.

How did you break ribs - and I notice you said again! No I don’t need to know actually sounds a bit gruesome. Hope your back rollin soon. Saurus sounds good. T-shirts - very nice idea. Thats the Aus equivilant of having a Makaha T-Shirt. All the best.

Hey Mick we got to stop injuring ourselves. I hope I havn’t missled you Gullwing cruisers would be to wide for a Biniak.I only mentioned that cause the holley trucks have a clasic downhill bushing set up just like Randalls and Gullwing cruisers. They tend to give a different feel to a bowl/pool carve.Kind of funny on a short board but fun none the less. I think I should have waited cause holley trucks look realy well designed/engineered trucks. Bradon sure knows how to tease us (What do you reckon?)Richie.

These Holeys TURN. they have the smoothest action of any truck ive ridden, smother than randals.

They also seem stable at moderate speeds, where my loose indies start to wobble. I have only given them one turn tighter than having the top of the nut level with the bolt. not sure how they will tighten up to be honest, but i guess that is more to do with the geometry.

I have mine set up on a Kebbek Hairpin, a cut away drop through deck with big wheels(90mm) and am very pleased with how it all works. its not a specific speed board set up but more a “anyhill carver” that will handle the odd bomb when i feel the need

Still having trouble getting the holeys…the usual problem of distributors not wanting to deal with online and therefore cheap skateshops. I may ask you guys to do a mass email to dist concerned to help it happen.

Braden, lets open a CDS retail outlet???

talk to you tonight sean.