home page pic

that’s jamie at bondi not the bra

and hang on… where’s the flouro tsubis and bangles tee?

Its ninja Jamie.
BTW that camera must of had a fast shutter speed to catch Jamie whip the corner like that.

Incognito Jamie

Great photo though!

I’ve noticed that Bills photos are getting better too.

Now that Mosu’s got a new camera we’re spoilt for photos. Keep up the good work, I enjoy seeing the pics of the sessions I can’t get too!

Fish eye goodness!!!
its a bit disturbing not seeing Jamie in Fluoro what do we call him now?
Non-fluoro Jamie???

Maybe Jamie’s moved into the …90’s!!! :open_mouth:

Grunge Jamie? :confused:

I think he is still committed to the 80s. I though the T was New Kids, but when I downloaded it and zoomed in I’m sure I saw MC Hammer. Jamie is a founding member of Sydney Fashion Skate Club, after all, and here shows that at night time basic black becomes the perfect complement to daytime flouro …


Bloody filth photo!!!

NO MUSKSTICKS? NO GOOD! :stuck_out_tongue: