Hows this

Its like google skatepark.

C’mon BDS riders - sign up! They want to get to 100 people before Christmas so lets give them an Aussie push. Just me (as Hellbender on that site) and Fletch so far…

There are 200 bulldog decks that I know of in OZ, so get behind it!

Shit, I have 5% of the Oz total lol

3.5% here :slight_smile:

A paltry 1.5% for me

hey Bondi, what are the wheels on your shogo LB in the pic on Frappr

Blue Alva Ditch 60mm 99A wheels. Trucks and wheels now fitted to Skull and Cane and Shogo LB awaits end of Xmas poverty for new trucks and wheels… :frowning: