I think I need a bigger office or to sell a few.

Here we go–no pictures but.
Dogtown Chalice–in plastic.
Dogtown Eagle Pool–in plastic.
Dogtown Big Foot–in plastic.
Dogtown Pool School.
Dogtown Worst Case Senario–in plastic.
Dogtown Jay Adams.in plastic.
Deathbox Jay Adams–used to have 2 bastards
Z-Flex Jay Adams X 3.
Z-Cult Jay Adams–in plastic.
Z-Flex Shogo Kubo.
Z-Flex 30th Anniversary.
Powell Ripper X 2.
Powell Inouye.
Pocket Pistol Marina Del Ray.
Alva Blue Tile.
Alva Inca Blanket.
Alva Pom Pom (rider)
BDS Shogo Kubo.
BDS Shogo Kubo Long Board X 2 (1 rider).
BDS Long Pig.
BDS Bleeding Heart X 2 (1 signed & numbered).
BDS Murf.
BDS South Side X 2 (1 signed & numbered).
BDS Quad 10 X 2 (1 signed & numbered).
BDS Jocker.
BDS Buddy Carr X 3.
Edger Buddy Carr.
Caster Inouye.
and my personal favorites
2 X BTS 9.25 (Thanks Greg)

Crikey - and my missus asks me if 5 skaters is too many…

Methinks you need a warehouse Clay!

I’m interested in the murf, quad 10 unsigned, bleeding hearts, bds buddy carrs …pm me.

OMG Holy cool shop!
I’ll take the unsigned BDS South Side if you wont to sell it.

At this stage I’m not getting rid of any.Braden I hunted for nearly 2 years to find the Murf at a resonable price and I’ve only had it since November.The unsigned Quad 10 has been butchered (eerrr customised),2 inch shorter in length and wheelbase and not a bad ride now!The hunt is on for a Jay Adams Zipperhead!

How the hell are ya Clay?

I’m interested in some of that collection, are ya still selling?

How bout a one of your bleeding hearts Clay?

Caster-Inouye and any of the signed and numbered decks???

Clay you did say that you needed a diving board for the deep end and a few banana lounges and some cabana girls to get the drinks???