Groundhangers rang me. His computer ist kaput. BTS is putting on the light show at Riverwood tomorrow (Tuesday 9th) night. Sasha from WCSK8 and Chris Senn are in town and leaving Wednesday, hence the change.

Maybe MASH Wednesday night can be at MONSTER? No BTS lights are available Wednesday night.

Communique ends.


whoo Hoo. Rives on Tuesday epic. maybe we need a second Sydney skate night like the mexicans do!

im amped !
about what time do you guys rock up ?

its usually 7ish till late but maybe GroundHangers will tell us what times he is planning on

GH has no computer.

Count on 7pm as mosu says, earlier if you’re keen.

no worries , TA

also im thinking on heading to another park on the way

ar dulwich hill , parra , not shore as iv never been to these parks

where s easyiest (aka clos to a train station ) and preffablly on the same line as riv .


looks like dullo is relitivlly close , if any ones up for a sesh there ill be there from around four , then off to wood at 5 :30 .

hope i find the bloody park

I’mmmmmmmm on fire,
Burnin’ with the flames of desire…
Fire ! (insert riff here)

C-ya there fellaz’

can’t sleep
bed’s on fire
don’t touch me - I’m a real live-wire

Remind me to get your mob Cam so I can add you to the MASH call-out list.

Reminds me of the story TonyG told at Dullo on Sunday

And it Burns Burns Burns
the ring of Fire.

The ring of Fire :open_mouth:

is part II still on tonight at Da Monster Bush

can’t say 'til tonight. have a board meeting today which usually drives me to the fridge ASAP.

haven’t approached the bank for points balance either though should be in credit.

will call or txt…

skate first beer later!

Bondi in the morning for this masher hope I don’t skate alone :frowning:

i can’t make it tomorrow morning mark but i’ll be there on sunday morning…

Rich I love to do bondi and sundays too but Lee gets a bitt agro if it does not suit her plans. Had a great skate with a good mate skatexc , we had a visit from sac we got talking about the new manly vale pool bowl . Stairs, imposible shallow end drop in heaps of vert. Guys I like the sound for us but are we going to far in the fact that we should be getting more younger skaters involved in vert or should we keep them jumping carbage bins in the car park :question:

no worries, glad you had someone to skate with today. i hear what you are saying about manly v, i haven’t really skated pools so i can’t really comment - give me a big carve anyday - but i figure skaters will skate anything made out of concrete and if the council is happy to build a pool then it’s going to make more kids skate tranny than if they had built six stairs.

Jamie asked me to pass on a message. He is busy with his family tonight, so can’t get to his computer, but he’ll be at Bondi tomorrow from about 1pm and hopes to have a skate with members of his ‘other family’ (ie, us).

hope to c u there, Bill

(ps, I saw a sports feature on a soccer player tonight whose name seemed to be Harry Kewel! Mega-bitchin or what?)