Indy numbers

Need to know who needs what size, expecting both shipments this week.

Would like a pair to fit the pool pirate with blackfarts.

Is anyone else having probs with this site.
New posts aren’t being displayed as unread, They just go straight to appearing as read.

Perhaps I should have logged in first!!! :blush:

G’day Braden,
what you got coming amigo?

Need some oldschool mounts please.

Cheers, Matthias.

Hey Braden what’s the smallest trucks you got and at what price? I’m chasing fulltrack/106mm or 101 indie or anything around that size.

Hey Joe,
I’ve got 1 set of re-issue tracker fulls with the old school hole pattern $85.00 shipped.
Otherwise I can track a set of Indy 101’s for you.
$75.00 shipped.

Thanx buddy base plate hole patterns not an issue cos there for rollerskates plus i’d be needing 2 sets. I’ll get back to you on these as cash is tight at the mo and i’m still waiting on replys for some 2nd handies,
thanx again Joe

if you buy the indies I’ll pay $30 for the 2 base plates since you dont need them…

give me a message thru the memberlist if your interested