I was just out at Ingelburn Industrial area and spotted from my car this drainage ditch.On closer inspection these bastards looked skatable and seemed to go on for kilometres.
Has anyone seen or skated this little baby.The banked sides are easy 20 feet high,hitting the flat at about 40 degrees,with no channel in the guts between the banks.
PS…Soft wheels definetly recommended!!!.

I havent but if you want to skate some banks with me before my knee surgery
check out this link and hook up a time … 28491&p=49
look for the picture of a bloke with an eyeball for a head with a bicycle
directions are on the next page

after skating these banks at Merrrylands we can hit up Ingleburn and if none of them are anygood we could always skate the park at Ingleburn/Campbelltown

Cool sounds like fun 8)

dude i grew up in ingleburn.skated those drains 20 years ago .they are kinda fun .there is one in minto which i would love to take all to its about 4 foot deep pefect trans and goes for about 150 metres its like a real good snake run type thing.its even got platforms .and an almost vert bent corner i skated it about 6 months ago with a childhood friend.its really fun and you can get some speed in it too .its a little rough .we skated with normal coretech wheels and it was fine .it was not uncommon on w ends to have about 30 skaters there in the 80s.lets do it

Gee’s Jab im in.

sounds like a great photo opp.

I say bring it on Jabsco and Clay Jay. Is Ingleburn anyway near Emu Plains (excuse my lack fo basic geography)? In the late 70s the Balmain boys used to go travel all the way out there to skate drains that sound very similar. Except that we forgot to bring warer or food, some of us drank water from the canal itself, and we got a little bit (well, very, very) sick. Yes, we were stoopid!

Forgive multiple typos above. Mick Mulhill now has the right to rap me over the knuckles.

Oh Yeah - drains and ditches - let’s skate em!!
The place in the photos in thread look like heaps of fun.

and my thoughts always come back to ---- Ditch Slalom!!!

Google earth and give co-ordinates.

Minto, Ingleburn - I’m with GH let’s do it.

how about everybody gets their shit together and lets go skate these drains on the weekend. no pathetic skate point excusses

This Sunday can do.

We’ve been hitting up the drains and such things in Melbourne.
They are such fun - back to roots type skating. Go hit em.

hey trev did you find the drains .hope you had fun if you did,any photos

What happened to the initial burst of enthusiasm here? Clay, GH, Jamie , Skate Exec, Haggy, Chris the Mad Pool Dog, anybody - who wants to do this thang? Melbournians are putting us to shame in the oldskool exploration stakes …


The enthusiasm is still here!! Just been snowed under with work and school stuff. On friday GH, Bugs, myself and other intrepid coneheads are heading north for the Slalom Nationals near Byron Bay, so we won’t be here this weekend.

But I would love to hit up ditches with the whole crew - Can we set a date for Sunday May 28?? please!!

Ok, I just saw that a Kariong pool session is scheduled for Sunday May 28.

So… how about Saturday may 27? :smiley:

Cool with me Haggy. I suppose we’ll need participation (or at least directions) from Jamie or Clay. So, dudes?

Good for me.

2 major sessions at 2 of the most incredible natural skate spots in 1 weekend ! is too much guys. Out of pure self-interest, I humbly ask, is it possible to separate these 2 major sessions rather than have them on the same weekend. Say, the ditches on Sun 4 Jun?

Having missed last months Kariong sessions, I was telling mself I was NOT going to miss this one scheduled for Sun 28 May.

And when I saw these Ingleburn drains with their unbelievable trannies, corners and verti-bits, the old school drool factor went beserk and I assured myself I will NOT miss this.