No major injuries for me since returning to skating every week but the ol’ body don’t bounce back like she usedta :laughing:

Currently sore are - rib cartiledge, tail bone, left hand from various crashes.

That’s my lot - how bout you blokes and blokette (leah) :laughing: :cry: :laughing: :cry:

This year is my first year back since the 70’s.
This year most of my hard bails were from slalom. high sides. De-wedge that rear truck if you want to survive.
Old skool bowl and park - no injuries. I wear safety gear (most of the time). And skate withing my limit.
Maybe I should start pushing it harder. I’ll wait till you guy’s catch up :unamused: he he he.

Ive bounced plenty!!! haha

I started skating when I was 11, literally stopped soon after what I commonly refer to as “The Gumnut Incident” and decided to be a real girl. Its still very difficult for me to talk about :smiley:

Since I got back on the board almost 3 months ago now Ive had concussion, compacted ribs, done the psyatic(???spelling) nerve, bruised hips, twisted elbows, whiplash, injured my shoulder and have constantly bruised shins. I worked out though that the trick is to get up and keep skating before you have time to realise how hurt you are!!!

Thank God that I work for a Chinese Medical doctor that does some pretty serious shiatsu massage, acupuncture and herbal medicine.


Do you guys know how fucked up this thread is for those of us with a mild case of superstition mixed with a not so mild allegy to concrete at speed.


Gumnut :question: dare we ask :question:

1st attempt at come back 5yrs ago dropped in at Fitzy promptly weighted back foot(surfing style) and ended up on my arse slamming wrist down 8 wks in fibreglass cast

2nd comeback 2 yrs ago bruised ego and coined as Bottom Feeder, promised to skate nude at OSSJ 05 if couldnt drop in by then, the general public is not ready for such a terrifying sight, so learnt to drop in at the shed winter 04.
No big slams yet bit like you Scott tend to stay within my limits and always pads and wrist braces

You’re a big girls blouse Eli!!! Perhaps you should be the cheerleader!!! :smiley:

Lucky you learned to drop in Fletch…or it could have been you riding around with the pom poms!!!

Back on board Nov '03 and felt like a bag of bruises after every skate. Since learnt not to eat shit so much or at least how to fall safely when I do. Stayed relatively injury free since then apart from the odd tweak here and there.

Worst was learning to drop the vert ramp about a year ago. Had it sussed and about 20 successful launches under my belt before doing a platform to flat bottom to head bongo to hospital. The physical scars healed a lot quicker than the mental ones and dropping in on vert still gets the heart racing…


Sorry for calling you a girls blouse Eli…I get your point now :open_mouth:

I tell a lie about not having a big slam.had one last saturday morning at El Finnos. Pushing my F/S kick turns trying to hit tile in the deep, hit it and slipped. I need to learn to bail F/S. Couldn’t get around onto my knee pads and banged my head backwards on the way down. Slid down backwards on my helmet and elbow pads. Reason I didn’t mention it was cause I didnt get hurt. At all. Full pads and helmet. Only way to carve a bowl like that. Im guilty of not wearing anything more than a left wrist guard on my Dulwhich Hill on the way home from work carves. But its known carve lines pretty safe. When the boys turn up sunday morning its full battle gear. Everybody. Lots of slams.No one hurt but. Cool.

Having got back into this vert thing about 4 months ago,I’ve been lucky thus far (touch wood) but hey, I’m a bit timid and dont want to bash myself about. I am totally paranoid about riding the parks with the body armour…in fact I may yet invest in a Sumo suit or Stormtrooper outfit before I really try to do anything totally silly!

Many years of cruisy street riding has seen me bail free also - but then carving down hills on the way to work/shop/boozer isnt exactly pushing it!

All manageable for me - on track for Sunday sess at Dulwich :slight_smile:

Hey Scott, wrestled with the front side vert bail for ages. Worked out that you just gotta trust it. Your body is heading round to correct knee bail position as a consequnce of turning regardless. Once I got to trusting it I worked up to frontside grinds on the big stuff but it has taken a long time, like months.

Funny how you find out that people have their favourites. Seen some guys ripping backside only to find out that they are shit frontside and vice versa.

Persistence is the key. Anything is possible if you keep at it long enough. You really have to try to do the stuff you can’t do every time you skate and after a while you will have it nailed.


Frontside is the only way to go for the big feeling and watching the wheels go over the coping.

Although as my wife will attest Im partial to a nice backside lol sometimes ive even been caught looking at hers LOL

Eli you were right, this topic was a bad omen…whilst carving at Chelts Friday night had a bizarre fall and the skateboard flew up, hit me in the face and fractured my jaw…not happy :frowning: It hurts and I look like Ive had my wisdom teeth out!!! What’s worse is that Im not allowed to skate until further notice!!!

oooo bummer. sorry leah if I put bad ju-ju your way with the injury talk :frowning:

get well soon huh :smiley:

2003 - comeback from the 70s/80s - march 2004 - frontside grind elwood bowl - pads, helmet - the whole 9 yards - failed to land correctly - tibia plateau fracture followed by plates and pins - then golden staph! 4 operations - 6 months off work - 8 weeks on a drip - leg currently in a carbon fibre brace - awaiting 2 more ops before the end of the year - didnt even break the skin when it happened - bought fletch’s long board for my wife and 2005 went surfing with bret / one-t yesterday for the first time in a year. water is softer than concrete - and so you eat a little sand! i’ll be the one at the OSSJ with the video camera and the leg brace - comesay hi :exclamation:


Mark you should have called in, where did you surf?

Hey fletch - I thought i’d posted a reply but couldnt find it anywhere. ocean grove on sat and 13th on sun - i’ll have to get your address and ph number at the GWC or OSSJ - that board you sold me is f**ken great :exclamation: - i mean my wife loves HER board - i’m still a half knee replacement away from standing up but kneeling on one knee in the froth keeps me entertained for now. :slight_smile:

What time where u at the grove we had our longboard club sign on day at grove near the boat ramp from 10 til 2 pm I’ll Pm u my details

uhm i downhill and slide mainly do i still count?

3 concussions (2 in last month)
1 broken rib
1 broken elbow
1 broken finger
1 broken hand
1 cracked wrist
all muscles in right forearm torn
and lots of road rash.