Interest for Rails, Powell Peralta Rib Bones

Hello all, with the Moss Jam getting near and people are travelling from abroard, if any one wants rails, let me know this week and i can organise some more stock if the numbers are there.
Colours are red , green and stone (dark grey), come with rat nuts, original 80’s powell peralta left over stock.
15$a set.

hey Jimmy do you the nose guards?

If you dont jimmy, I have access to them now and will start listing them.

Trevor ,i dont have any stocked at home but i can get the nose bones with a shipment of rails, but if Braden already has one strait up, you could get him to supply, it would be quicker that way. If the interest generates by mid week, then i know how much rails and other powell plastics that are worth shipping in.
cheers :smiling_imp: