Isn't the MOSS jam 2016 coming up?

As the title says???
This would have to be a first in the long history of MOSS jams and its relationship with CDS that no info has been posted.

What’s the world coming to.

And don’t tell me to go and check facebook, or I might end up telling you where to go :laughing:

Have a nice day people :smiley:

i think they use facebook now to filter out undesirables who do not use facebook?

chat rooms may have reached that ‘too-oldschool’ sort of status(or maybe charlie killed their brother?).

good luck!

Its very sad that CDS has become so quiet.

MOSS Jam 2016


thanks bob-bernie!

What he said Bern :smiley:
Remember the movie ‘Weekend at Bernies’ :laughing: :laughing:

At least we are still here!! :unamused:

i remembered ‘weekend at bernies’ when the third last pope was ill and he’d just sort of wave his hand out his window every few weeks.
the actual scenario may have been hilarious?

Mossjam was very good this year!

we did the ditch on Friday night.
Saturday was huge, Saturday night, also big, and we finished today with slalom races at Fawkner Park, and some went to The Park in Geelong.

Old crew and new were there.

We are doing the One T thing at Newport on 13th or 14th December.
Lights, beer & pizza.

Be There!