Jam for Fin at Monster

I’m just going to announce this here in case people didn’t see the thread in the Skatejams Forums.

Rollerball has suggested that we have a Vert Jam for Fin this Monday the 9th at The Bush (Monster). Start time is 6pm. Wear a loud shirt.

For a weather update on the day, do a net search, or register with the Monster website at monsterpark.com.au/ to be able to use the webcam view of the vert and mini. You could also call the park on 1300 720 611.

See you all there lads.

Oh yeah, If anyone has a BBQ that they want to set up at the park, you are more than welcome to.

The weathers looking dodgy again, if its not on tonight we can all session for fin on weds night, hopefully at MONSTER. :slight_smile: