James T - Happy Birthday!

Here’s the boy and his birthday present to himself!

Both the bones in his forearm schnapski.

Doc was able to reduce without need for pins so that was cool. Had to cut some of the cast today to let some swelling out.

He’s fine. Pissed he can’t skate or work though :cry:

Woah! He certainly did a number on himself! Best wishes for a speedy recovery James!!!

Heal fast JT!

Bummer James, at least a broken arm is better with in 3 months.

Remember to resist sticking pens down the cast if you get an Itch. I did that with one of my many broken arms and 3 months later when the cast came of it took a few weeks for the pen lid hole in my arm to heal.

On the bright side at least your dads on the cover of Charliedontskate

I saw this James kid skate when I was in Australia filming that amazingly bad movie called Dick Dags or something. He was clearly a major force in the making. I mean it’s all very sad about him busting both his little arms and all, but at least that should be another three months before I have to worry about the inevitable rise of the guy who is gonna replace me as the most famous and radical skater in the world. In the meantime I hear they are already working on the game design for JT: Pro Skater.

thanks y’all, Tony

happy birthday james, damn bad luck on the arm, rest up and get better soon.

Best of healing to ya, right on Xmass olidays too, bummer.
Jacksons here and says, shit how did he do that?

Holy Moses!!!

Let me get this right now…it’s both arms that are broken?? Yes
How did he do it Steve???

Get well soon James…oh yeah and happy birthday to ya!

its james t, ill tell you how i broke the arm its a funny story.

after the bbq at my house me blake and his friend jake were ollieing stuff out the front. after they left i kept doing it. i did an ollie and didnt move forward enough and the next thing i know is i got a new elbow.

luckily they didnt cut me to fix it. it sucks because i cant skate or work and i got my birthday present (a sweet anti hero board) teasing me :angry:

P.S one of the nurses (male) was a skater in the late seventies so that was cool. morphine was good

Just say NO to drugs!!!

bloody ollies! bad luck champ,get better soon :wink:

YEH stick to carvin the trannies James…and I dont mean Oxford st!

Jim , Bad luck brother don,t worry mate , time will heal . A birthday to remember hey . Joko Wyland rekons gatta did the same thing at the begining of a US summer breek, when he was about your age.