Jason Lee 1991 Dump Truck reissue

The latest reissue in the pipeline is Jason Lee’s Dump Truck. This one is getting made by Quincy Woodwrights. They did the Jason in the Hat reissue that was a big hit.

Preorders are only going through skateshops, so contact your friend local skateshop to get in the queue.

The deck is coming in three sizes (prices are Australian dollars):
Full Size/Reissue 1991 9.5” x 32.25” shape = $139.95
Modern 8.675” x 32” shape = $139.95
Popsicle shapes in 8.0, 8.25, 8.375 and 8.5 = $129.95

All decks are pressed in USA by Quincy Woodwrights

Delivery is in September 2019.