Jay Adams flyaway helmet repros?

A Japanese company are making these babies…

They come in yellow/red/orange/blue/black/grey/white and will be approx AUD$120.00

a BDS forum member “ezywider” has one and is very happy, says they are very well made.

I like very much - orange is my favourite colour. Are you planning on stocking them - or how does one obtain the unobtainable.

Yeh Bradon, how about it! Or at least give us the source. Thets what ive been looking for.

I’m taking orders as I want one desperately, if we get more than 10 the price will go down again…

My TSG helmet size = XL
My colour = orange
Consider this an order

thats 4 including Marty so far…

my old skate mates back at harrow in london are doing flyaway repro’s as well
www.h-boyz.com :wink:

Good lookin helmets boomer, would they do a batch for us?

drop em a mail through their site i’m sure they would do the biz for you :slight_smile:

Have a look at Boomer’s mates effort if you haven’t already. If you had one of theses back in the day you will want one!

wish i still had my airbrushed one,i was still using mine in ‘89’…mumble,mumble… :laughing:

I swapped my airbrushed one for a boogie board :blush: :blush: :blush:

Front centre was the one I had…

waiting for their reply.

Here is reply, I dont wanna make anything out of this…if we order together it will be cheaper.
Hi Braden,
yeah I can do some more lids for you but I am swamped with work at the moment. In the meantime can you let me know how many you are thinking about and what sort of colours/finishes you are after.
They are all hand made in GRP and sprayed which means each helmet is quite labour intensive. They are not safety tested so they shouldn’t be sold as safety helmet. They are supplied with foam padding to restore your original ‘flyaway helmet’, which happens to be the same shape.
Cost of each helmet depends on the specification that you want and also quantity. Quantity is more of a factor when you consider postage to you for one lid or several lids. If you are considering these for resale commercially then please let me know, as I may be specific as to how these are marketed. I would also have to consider safety testing.
Look forward to hearing from you soon, regards Peter.

I will find out if the jap ones are safety tested.

One definate here (waving hands in air). White / blue airbrushed model…

So that’s skatexec…markham? GH? Bueler?

markham confirming. are these the jap ones.
Orange. TSG size = XL

I just scored the prettiest powder blue Pro-tec (cheers Muz) but am still keen on one o’ these.

The UK guys cant guarantee theirs will hold up if you hit the deck…the Japanese ones do…so we go the jap ones???
These will be at cost to me.