No-one to hold camera…must open boxes…


The decks on the right look huge!

I can imagine just like Chrissy!

ahh nicely polished window frames - lol
i must admit my weekly deck package always gets me a little excited except when i get slammed for import duty - ouch - ppmurf

OMG, Braden, you’ve got email. Super cool! What a sight. Hope you’ve pulled your stuff aside already. Are you going to post prices.

Good job Braden, damn nice wheels man … what are those limey greens - got dibs on them!
and are they blackdeaths, some ultrathanes and what are those blueys? you could probably do some Team sets

No red bottom 8 ? damn

Looks like 5 Z13s, 3 Octos and 10 LongPigs anything else.

It’s a BDS Christmas …sort of.

Cheers, Matthias.

Prices: numbers:
8 Wheeler $125.00 Sold out(scott,skatexec,Lester,mabuto.)
Z13 $115.00 1 left (scott,skatexec
Pipe bomb $115.00 5 left (skatexec,mabuto,fletch
ultra mini’s $ 60.00 1 set left (me,mabuto
ultra dubs 60.00 sold (scott)
ultra shogos$ 60.00 1 set left (mabuto,
blue shogos
80A $ 55.00 sold (mabuto)
red shogos
80A $ 55.00 sold (fletch)
blue mini’s
80A $ 55.00 sold (skatexec)
green minis
95A $ 55.00 sold (mabuto)

Hoooo Weeee - bring em on!!!

Can we have a coin toss for the blue 8 or is that yours Braden?

BDS :smiley: BDS :open_mouth: BDS :smiley: BDS :open_mouth: BDS :smiley: BDS

Ive bagged the woodgrain one so your ok on the blue. I think.

Braden, re jigging the quiver

Can i take my name off the ultra mini dubs and take the set of 80a Red shogo’s?

Take the" ?" off the long pig Im gonna take this and pass on the shogo now ive seen them both.

When are you open for collection?

Open for business…just got home…day job sucks!!!
Cool Fletch, will wave shogo under your nose later.
skatexec, blue octo is yours.
Mabuto, is this what your lookin for?

REALLY thought about keepin it myself…enjoy it man!
Lime green minis are 95A, yours if you want em.
No black deaths…90A dubs
Blue minis and shogos are 80A, perfect on the long pig as a milk bar (bottlo) cruizer.

Thanks Braden - you da man!

Are you sure you don’t want to hug it awhile ?

That’s exactly what I’ve been after - I’ll take the little alien greenies too…and some reds, blues and oranges - you my regular hookup.

Will firm up an order with you after the weekend and get some payola to you for a job well done.


Outta here, Mabuto.

Sweet on the Blue 8! Did you get the blue 60mm and the mid tracks?

How about a PC tailtap?

Man I’m gunna have to extend my PP limit!

Octo, trucks and wheels
shogo long
tail tap?

No blue trucks and wheels, skatexec.
I have got silver midtracks for you though.
No tailtaps this time, will get em with the shogo longboards.
everything else cool.

A set of winged skulls then my good man. I have one set spare.

Might get a set of softy mini dubs with the $ I had allocated for the blue wheels…

Hey Braden, add to my order please set of;

ultra shogos
ultra minis
blue shogos

Thanks, Matthias.

You have paypal :laughing:

Will post pics of my BDS christmas next week!

Hey skatexec I have your “blue” octo with me right now. Oh by the way Im back too. It travelled first class in its plastic bag in a padded skate bag in my boot. Looks sweeeeet. Your gunna freak. Sorry I got to see (and feel) it before you did but was an accidental. I think your getting mine in the mail. Im so totally wrapped in my Z13. Its perfect. Just as I thought. It will get Indy 215’s severe wedging front and rear, rockets and ultra dubs. The ultradubs are freakn me out too. Cant wait to roll. Could this replace my beloved bigfoot roll. Well…hard to imagine. But time will tell. Bradens Z13 is now his prefered ride. Had a brief roll on his. He was a good boy and fitted Indy215’s and ultra minidubs. Can you blame him. Ok, just got back, will blurb later.

Happier than ever.
Need a Bondi Bowl fix.
Tomorrow morning till my legs cant move.

skatexec, if you want to come over and pick it up already thats cool. Im like that too. Call me 0414 809987

Otherwise I can hand deliver it personally at Dulwich on sunday. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: 8)

Do we get to see the new toys in action this weekend??? (Hmmm am I hijacking a thread again :unamused: )


I haven’t got my package yet. I may phone ya, otherwise see ya Sunday at Dulwich.

Got any pics of the parks you haunted? Let’s have em and a report :smiley: