kariong 22/4/06

great day cleaned up pool in 2 hrs with help from groms. bigg sesh 20 to 30 people including danny van ,boris, lux, and heaps from sydney , local groms were killing it good to know they have the desire to skate pools .enjoy :laughing:

Looks like you blokes had a good day

yep was agood one sean 8)

rad pic’s john, the guy doing the fs airs was a nutter, btw do you have a messenger email?

will post frontside air pics today chris pic of eddie is my fav contact me on mjharle@hotmail.com fanx :laughing:

Lucky buggers.
Great photos -great SKATING.
You guys are finding some great pools up there in the land of the Rum Corp.
Right up on the tiles - GFI.

that looks fuckin awesome !

next time invite me ya bas-tads :wink: