kariong pool easter monday

jimmy jak

local crew





love that shot of Danny Van


Got any overall shots of the pool chris?

Yeah Richard, Danny is so hot and so scary and so high at this pool it is farking amazing to watch.

Everybody, it is TimmyJak, not JimmyJak!

I want go again on Sunday. But Chris, where’s the my eggplant 900 off the deepend that I never actually did??? :imp: :smiling_imp:

That shot of Danny is filth!

BTW Chris, you barking mad obsessive pooldog you, any photos from Snives the day before? What about those old group poses in both bowls?

Braden, aint that a cover for Danny the Man, living-drinking legend and self-apppointed PED representative? (There’s no water in the pool, and none in Danny either …)

I think that stunning photo of Danny Van is the best I’ve ever seen on this site - form and content.

Definately front page worthy

You’re not far wrong there Michael. Interestingly, for those of us diehard Bazinians still worried about questions of photographic ontology, Chris shoots with a good old fashioned analogue SLR. Personally, I think there is still a warmth and depth to traditional photography that megapixels can’t achieve (but digital scanning somehow reproduces!)

translated at AltaVBista

yeah FARK that’s fully FARKING SICK you old Melbournian C&^%. I donno much about FARKING ART ya FARKWIT, but I FARKING know wot I FARKING hate and this aint it. Chris the FARKING mad pool dog only had a FARKING poofta’s old camera but it looks heaps and bulk better to my bloodshot FARKING eyes than the fancy FARKING digital shots other C*&^s put up here on the FARKING interweb. But FARK ME DEAD, its been digitally scanned anyway … gulp guzzle gulp … blubber …hate … love … guzzle … I FARKING LUV ALL YOUZE C&^%s … FARK OFF OR I’LL BASH ALL OF YUZ …

Being a Melbournian and all I don’t normally comment on your Northern antics but Danny Van you get my vote for photo of the year by a mile. Beautiful styley.

you can’t beat chemicals - Professor Bike Tycoon - imagine digital beer.

Timmy,Jimmy,Danny shots are outstanding…not just the film but the 70’s angles.
Nice one Chris!

kariong fish eye view

Hey Doctor that was beautiful mate, could you do the write up for my next show?


chris, i think you should send those photos to concrete wave. i think the van shot is cover material and get dr bill to write a story about the pool sessions going down at the moment.

Absolutely! Got any more shots Chris?

Chris M and Dr Stoopid have both allowed themselves to be absorbed within Borg perfection in order to learn secrets of square bowls. Resistance is Futile, Transition is Optional, Kariong Will Be Assimilated.

photoh of danny kills it , funny thing too , the few times i been amonst you
“die hard pool hoons” haha this is the first time i seen this guy skate . normally hes jus avin a bevo and specktating .

much respect for ou guys making arrangements and fuckin around in empty pools , its begining to show me a whole new woarld of skateboarding i was unaware existed .

btw im a lot younger than you guys so for me its mainly just been skating
in schools and the city ect

been getting into park skating more recentlly , and you fellas are fuckin inspiring . just from the few times i been there FUCKIN BAM amazement

later skaters - i had to say it - at least once - peas