I believe there is going to be a late arvo session at Kariong pool this saturday afternoon(may also involve a BBQ). If your keen post on this thread it may help in organising transport. I will confirm things on friday 8)

sounds great borris count me in.

nice one dude 8)

went there this arvo about 12 inches of water has pooled in bottom saturday sounds good to me i will bring some garbage bags as heaps of rubbish on the steps later skaters :laughing:

Also possibility of Sunday visit including certain oldskool pool heavyweights (perhaps A, B, and NVH!?)

Bill,you two timing skate 'ho!!I thought you were taking me skating on Saturday?!?Remember skate/beer/js?Typical… :astonished:

and so the thumb comes down. :unamused:


cool it babe, I reserve SUNDAY for the sacred business of skating real pools and SATURDAY (that’s shabas to you) for making chicks with Pinky Tuscadero style pants get seriously happy. Hey!

“seriously happy”? :unamused: You borf.See ya tomorrow :slight_smile:

C’mon, sing along with me every-1…

Dah’ Luv boat…sooon willllll be making another run,
Dah’ Luv boat…promises fun forrrrrrrr…everyyyyyy-1
Cum aboard for adventure, a time for two to felcher,
Theres enough for every-wunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Step aboard & yu’ll see, that the life upon the sea,
Is wonderfullllllllll (forgot the rest)
Wheres Capt. Stubing when u need him ?

Don’t worry about me, Friday arvo lunacy’ (get me outta this workplace - heaven is a half pipe ya’ll)

Oh yeah’

Got ur’ message Boris, will give u a bell this arvo’
Cheers fer’ the call mate !

hey borris whats the plan for the weekend is it saturday or sunday @ kariong? if anyone is interested, i came across a couple of pools today that are skateable but small, tight and rectangled shapped. they will also require a little bit of preparing. i didn’t have my camera with me today so i can not post any snaps. leave a post if you are keen.


felcher is:
1 oz Drambuie® Scotch whisky
1/2 oz whipped cream
1 tsp chocolate

Pour Drambuie into a shot glass. Add some chocolate sprinkles or shavings. Top with whipped cream and add more chocolate sprinkles or shavings.

Go into a bar on Oxford st.and ask for a felcher,I guarantee you’ll get something quite different :open_mouth:

youd get the mellachi crunch. and fonzi could save the day. by jumping a shark on water skis. a shark.and in a leather jacket to boot.they werent all happy days. :confused:

Ha Ha Ha Ha :laughing:

I’m so busy being retor and metro these days! Jamie I’ve got our new matching body gloves 8) 8) 8)

radical, huh?


“retor” Bill?
And Jamie,the fashion club wishes to inform you that if we see that TIRED Milli Vanilli T once more,you’re out! :unamused: :wink:

Pardonnez mes erreurs Mademoiselle. C’etait une petite ‘typo’. C’est une catastrophe. Mais, je me pense, avez-vous le autorite pour prononcer les regles de mode au Monsieur Flouro? Bien sur, vous n’avez pas!

Encore j’accuse. Vous n’avez pas le autorite pour prononcer le ‘borf’ a moi!! Ni la ‘ho’. Mais, particulairement le ‘borf’. Je suis une Ho? C’est peut-etre vrai. Sans doute, en effet! :wink: