Kickflip this you old fart!

Who says you can’t teach an old dawg new tricks!!

Wish I could do that 8)

This one made me laugh.
The looks on the younger skaters faces is classic!

Hmmmm, post has been up for 9 days and has had about 70 views :exclamation:

Me thinks you guys have forgotten what a keyboard is and how to type :unamused: :laughing:

Some conversation would be kinda noice :slight_smile:

Love his attitude and philosophy, particularly the clearing the mind bit. Interesting that he is padless and helmetless. He’s cool.

Thanks for that Sean.

Haven’t seen to many of us old farts do the flipity type stuff!

No problemo :wink:

other’s silent opinion can be concerning to an individual Sean,

That is true Mark.

I know I haven’t been a regular contributor around the forums for a little while now, so I am as guilty as the rest of you. But I have noticed that there seems to be a lot of inactivity about the place and was just wondering why.

Has the old school skating resurgence gone the same way as the skating fad of the late 70’s! [/i]


The big reason is Facebook.

Cool dude!

Yeah, I did hear that from big dazz actually.

So Facebook seems the go then, but a little activity around here ain’t a bad thing either :slight_smile:

For sure Dave…he certainly has some moves that would put some young ones to shame 8)

also think some of the boy’s kids have gotten older and was bit easier to get away when they were toddler’s but know there would be the enjoyment of soccer, footy, dolly’s, fresh air, education and memorable young family time’s,

has been mutter’s of fuel price’s in the passed,

oh yeah age, fittness and mend time,

mentally there is alway’s the brain fuck in the back of ya head that your going backwards, ha ha, that one shit’s me,

don’t think calling the same bowl week in week out was congenial to the brotherhood of stoke either,

None of the other “brothers of stoke” are doing the calling!

If people want to change the current program, they need to get out of the comfy chair and make the call themselves.

Same for slalom…lots of cones and GoG’s gathering dust…lots of skaters saying nothing!

so let’s not have a discussion on some of the reasons why the general lack of interest and general posting’s of session plan’s has prevailed over the last couple of year’s on a large scale, and the same number didn’t really move over onto f/b, Charlie wasn’t broken, a lot of people that were posting on Charlie and were involved didn’t move over to f/b ( thing’s were falling away prior to f/b ) and these people don’t seem to be skating like they used to, it used to be that someone turned up to a sesh for someone else knowing someone else would be there, that seems to be the bit that broke down, thought my other post gave some good reasoning for this to have occurred, there was a time when everyone got involved in the decision making and for reasons only known to them gave up,

I guess I am as guilty as the rest for not posting for so long as well.
It just surprised me how quiet it is on CDS these days. You are probably right Mark with what you had to say in your previous post.

Bernie, you mentioned Facebook. So is there some kind of CDS on Facebook??


Have a look on FB for MOSS or melbourne old school.

That is where most of the “calls” are now being made.

It might be too many new really good parks, removing the reasons to drive across town for something worth skating.
There was a time when sessions where all over town because there was only about 6 parks worth traveling to, and everyone did travel.
But these days:
why would anyone drive past Vermont to get to Spotswood?
why would anyone drive past Newport to get to Frankston?
why would anyone drive past The Shed to get to The Park?
why would anyone drive past Mt Eliza to get to Meadow Heights?
why would anyone drive past Heidelberg to get to Laverton?
why would anyone drive past Coburg to get to Box Hill?

But none of that explains why so few are bothered to organise stuff.