Kite Sports

I met this guy in the holidays down the Prom and he has some interesting toys to use in the wind. However it’s a five meg video file so if you don’t have broadband stay well clear.
see you soon
mk 8)

some interesting stuff, hadnt seen grass skateboards and a kite rig before but I’ve got some mates who snowboarded across Greenland with a kite rig, Next year (sponsorship willing) they plan to Kite board to the south pole with some new ski/carriage thing and a special kite rig.

quality air time in the vid as well! props

I ve been keen on taking up the kite deal when it howles south eastlery shit over summer down here.
My question is who sells these allterrain skateboards for sand (lowtide) etc??? Is the kite a smaller version than that of the surf style kite rigs??
some one must be doing their homework on here???
thanks :smiling_imp:

pm MK, he seems to know some dudes who are right into all the varieties of kite boarding

this guy Alex is f**kin nuts but he seems about 3 years in front of the rest of the airheads. i’ll try to get a MOSS price from him and post it - otherwise he’s the psycho looking - over excited dude that has the big kitesports truck that is parked on beaconsfield pde st kilda most days. tell him that you saw his promo on the wps video website and that your a moss er and you might get some good deals - who knows - early days yet! - i’ll be a t northcote this tuesday if you want to have a yack 8)

looks like he’s bringing his truck to newport moss skate tuesday night