Knee Pads

Who’s got what ?

Just about finished trashing my Pro-Tecs and on the look out for some new ones. Anyone know where to find em or recommend something else?

Tried PD’s (came with free Slipoffamee), TSG (died extra quick). And Primates are out as I’m gonna need them before 2009.


try the internet, Tone apparently you can find all sorts of stuff.

primates are worth the wait

What is this intramanet of which you speak ?

Try the shop next to the Pahran ramp,they had Smith pads that looked descent

Try this link out anyone who needs knee pads … =Knee+pads

I think they had the Protech vert knees last week and took them back off they must have sold out or something. Anyway HTH

Try Calling Boarders inc 2 they have a good selection of pads 02 9948 2400

The best protective gear you can get is Pro Designed. There are a range of pads available here in Australia.
Hopefully by the end of the day there will be a flyer posted. Or contact me and i will be able to tell you what is availbale + the price.


Pain Cheaters are the best pads hands down. Hand sewn to the size of your knee. Open back with a sinch on the bottom strap to get them nice and snug.

Top quality cap that is nearly indestructable. No rivets to crack the cap. A solid couple inches of foam and a gel insert under the cap. They are made from top quality cordura fabric which wears very well.

I have been riding them for over a year and my knees thank me every day. I’ve never had them slip on me. They are made by Kevin Day out of Boston USA. He designed them to last at least three years. He has only had a handful of people ever send them back to be fixed. I dont think he has ever had a pair come back for a refund.

The price is steep, but if you get all the addons that Wild Bill suggests you are paying the same money, but you still dont get the same quality pad.

The site hant been updated in a while and the price on the site is not correct. They are $165 plus shipping. Everyone that has ridden them loves them and wont use anything else. I have converted lots of die hard Pro Designed guys and they are still riding them.

Pain Cheaters are the best pads around, and Pro-Designed come in second.

I don’t know if they are available in Austrailia, but you guys should check out The 187 pads. You might get Mark at to send them over, they cost about $50 a set and are great pads. No-slip and plenty of cush.

Cheatersshmeaters, the best kneepads are and will always be Primates - and Johnny’s back! See relevant thread on this site.

Talked to Johnny the other day…HE IS PUMPED!!!
Expect something new in the pad department from him soon.

Maybe Johnny M could make me a whole new leg with a built in pad and I can just chop this one off.

comin tonight?

No not tonight - but if you read weekend skating thread I’m proposing an inaugural test roll at Fitzy sunday morning at 9.00. Its a civilised hour and its mellow enough not to hurt myself. I wouldn’t mind some company just in case some terrible footballer type knee catastrophe occurs and I have to crawl back to me car and drive one footed or something.

I was sitting right where Michael Long went down the second time after his first knee recon at the G 10 years or so ago and it was a horrible sight which has come back to haunt my imagination.