Last of my SIMs decks

I have been selling down my skate collection the last 5 years. It was stored under my house, doing no one any good there, belongs on people’s walls. Anyway, I sold a few SIMs decks this week, pulled out the last of the SIMs I have

From Top to bottom
SIMs Taperkick reissue - from the old Hopshop wall (second level Boardroom)
SIMs Taperkick original complete
SIMs Woodkick original never set up
SIMs Lonnie Toft pro model
SIMs Hardcore complete - I still love skating this board, has thong rubber bushings that make it carve
SIMs Purejuice waiting restoration

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Any of these for sale?

Haha everything is for sale!! I dont what I have left,
The Lonny Toft has been sold, I know that, it went to a new collector in Northern NSW.
I think the same person bought the original taperkick, which was by far my favourite deck. I love that 70’s inlayed wood style.
I think I still have the superply,
I still have the woodkick and the reissue taper.
The Pure Juice would still be there, that is a long term restore project. I fancy myself in semi retirement, in an amazing woodshop under my house, restoring boards to their 70’s glory.

I occasionally decide on a price on a board, put it on the Hopkin Skate website (in the vintage section) and see if it sells. They always sell, classic boards are limited, so you pay what you can when they are available.

I will look out for the woodkick!