Local Skate

Hi,where do you guys(MASH) skate at locall(Bondish)y,and on which days?Ive been told by BondiBoy66 you would be ok with someone who just got their first board in 20+ years coming down getting some basic pointers?

If you guys skate in the evening somewhere would be better.Please help,Im only 34 and Im so bruised and battered from having a board for a week,I may have to hang up again for another 20 years.Alison.

Hello Alison,

MASH welcomes all returning skaters. We especially need skaters of your gender, because Melbourne already has some! There is a night skate every Wednesday - look under haunts, then Wednesday Night sessions. We usually pretend to vote all Wednesday on the queston of where the session should be held, then an all-powerful individual known as Groundhanger or GodHead appears to make the actual decision.
We also usually skate Bondi bowl early Saturday mornings, although that sometimes shifts to the afternoon. If you turn up, I am the ravishingly handsome and incredibly radical guy! 8) :unamused:

Not being a local I can still tell you the MASH crew can help you with your situation.They will be more than willing to take you in and give you that guiding hand you need.The last thing we ,as older skaters need is to lose a skater.These guys can teach you how to go about skating again with out all the grief asociated with. They can put you on to the good safety gear and help you to develop good technique to lessen the injuries.You have a lot of skating ahead of you , Carra Beth Burnside is killing it and she is in her late 30s.She is winning all the womans vert comps.Just had a top week end with these guys at my local vert bowl.You can’t go wrong hooking up with them. Old school Richie.

MAS*H sessions @ Dulwich Hill on any Sunday morning are a good starting point Alison. Limited crowd, mix of mellow banks and tranny.

get knee pads, helmet and wrist guards as a minimum set of protection for a beginner.

While you are waiting for the pads, you could read about the amazing, sometimes heart rending, ultimately uplifting story of an Australian skating mother’s determination to master the often brutal art of bowlriding. See Leah’s “Chick Flick” thread in the Sandpit section of this site.

You’re in good hands up there alimac.

thanks,i’ll keep an eye out for ’ ',and you Stoopid.

WAIT!That was bad.Meant “haunts” between the " ".Tired.
Still keep an eye out for handsome Stoopid!!!

Alison, I must warn you that DrStoopid is a deluded, bookish, nerdy little academic who likes to pretend he knows what ‘gnarly’ means on the weekends. The really well-built, irresistably attractive guy in our scene is John ‘Foxy Lady’ Fox. He’s the real hardcore skate dude around here.

More importantly, we value all skaters over 30, male, female, or otherwise, and hope that you do turn up to have a skate with us soon.

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