Look after each other

Brother and sister skaters – I think we owe it to each other to keep a watching brief on unscrupulous on-line vendors. We don’t need things to go back to the hit and miss affair of the mid to late '70’s!!

Obviously there is some personal embarrassment in declaring being ripped off but I reckon we should show some solidarity to each other here.

With this as my underpinning view I feel compelled to inform the following should be on your list of ‘never go there brother’ sites.


If this saves a brother – or sister – the grief of a product no show then my work here is done.

mmmmmm many’s the time I poured over they’re ever diminishing 80’s boards for sale…never ordered one though.
Cheers Mick, thanks mate.

Hmmm - I’ve had a drool over this site once or twice…but thanks for the heads up. Probably just as well I did’nt have the money to spend - or perhaps lose!

what happened???

That website is a off-shoot company of a mob called www.eastcoastskates.com
I don’t think the business even exists anymore;but the website still does and they still are taking orders and money from skaters around the world.

Chris - in response to your question I think Clay J pretty much summed it all up.

The dudes are just hard core rip off merchants - their ‘contact us’ link on the web site doesn’t even exist as an address anymore. Need I say more :imp:

As above - forgot to log in :blush:

When looking for a single kick freestyle complete, they were one of the sites I emailed. I got no response after 3 emails so I never bothered.

this is a great idea, luckily ive not been caught out.

2 guys highly recommended are Skaterbuilt and Shitbird. David at shitty is awesome I had a pack of wheels go off the radar and he resent a set with some rockets FOC and of course BDS and CDS are tried and trusted.

sk8supply.com have been really good for me.

skatewarehouse.com ship to Aust from USA 3 days after order. have a parcel tracking option never a problem.

Great Idea.
EastCoastSkates are flogging product on US ebay…Screw them!!!

Purple Skunk in San Francissco.
Very realiable and follow up on the email the whole way through purchase and recieving. Family business and I trust them with all my US purchases, if they aint got it, they buy it from the shop that I find has, then send it to me. Not a problem so far.
Jimmy the rail :smiling_imp:

Parker and i have delt with 360skate.com numerous times and we get our items 5 days later. The site also converts everything to AU$ so you know exactly how much your spending.

Hey guys - i have dealt with these guys before! and they are very straight up - BUT of late the guy whom runs this online company passed away! sad yes! if you have bought something from there i will try put you intouch with someone whom can help! you werent ripped off as i have bought many boards from tammie and the crew but i know this has really thrown a spanner in the works over there. As i said ive bought from them on many occasions and they are great - hit me up and i will find a person for you to email for help! :frowning: they aint rip off merchants just had a bad turn!

mail me at murphyl74@hotmail.com - cheers ppmurf


I don’t want to be thought of as a heartless prick but they dicked me around no end last year on a purchase and this year it was a complete product no show. Sad to hear they had a death in the firm but that sounds like a their problem - when money changes hands it shouldn’t ever become a my problem. I’ve completely cleared all of the transaction details from my records - no point hanging onto the remnants of a bad debt in my book. Thanks for offering to help.