Lords of Dogtown

Release date is 3 June in the US I think, here dunno.


Oh man I’m definatley going to have to see this one…

Wonder if it will inspire the youth of today to ride wide boards with a single kick in pools etc…

the trailer kinda sucks though, it looks like a pisstake with everyone is speaking in a keanu accent. the learning to skate in the dog pool scene looks fun though.

“anything to report Utah”
“Sir got my first 540 air today”

Well Dudes luckily no one has crossed point break with Skateboarding (yet) {if they do look out for the Learn to skate crew of Pommie backbackers that will inevitably follow}.

But all jokes aside looks like we have to get a few of the Sydneysiders together for the Sydney Premier

my ribs should be better by then so maybe we can go for a roll before or after the movie (after is better as then your all amped up)

Hell yeh mosu - that’s a date!

Someone’s gotta score skater preview priviledges somehow - anyone know anyone?

Is a skate from George street to Bondi too far?

it just so happens that sony pictures are one of the partners of the company i work for. i’ll look into it closer to the release date - might be able to swing something, but can’t guarantee anything.

I am as excited about this film as the next person but they have omitted Jeff Ho and Wes Humpston from the film and therefore rewritten history.
For the most part Jeff and Wes are philisophical about the whole thing with Wes saying that at least it will show kids some different types of skating…
Below is a letter written by a BDS forum member to Sony pictures asking them to at least post a link to BDS on the LODT site. Anyone who wants to get behind this, send a copy of the letter to both email addresses.

I sent this letter to Sony. The only emails I could find are:

Dear Sony Pictures:

Excuse me if this has been sent to the wrong address, please forward or provide a correct email.

First of all, as a skateboarder, I am looking forward to the Sony Pictures release of Lords of Dogtown! It looks like a fun and exciting film but, as a purist, I must voice my complaint regarding the gross omission of a link that should be on the links page for the film. It seems that you have left out a link for Bulldog Skates, Wes Humpston and Rich Fosmire’s company that creates skateboards in the true tradition and spirit of Dogtown. Wes Humpston was one of the original founders of Dogtown Skates and a leader in the skate art field. He has helped shape the landscape of skateboarding as we know it today. I am not an employee of Bulldog Skates, but I evangelize their products not only because they capture the true essence of skateboarding, but for their unmatchable customer support and extremely high quality merchandise - traits that are sorely missing from many American companies. I am sure you know this information, but I just wanted to contribute my opinions. Wes Humpston has helped and continues to help forge skateboarding history worldwide - now how about throwing the brother a link?

Here it is:



Joe Popp
Skateboard Documentarian

Braden, props to JP for getting this off at least to the corpmongers at Sony - wonder if anything will come of it…maybe.

Cheers, Matthias.