Lorne bowl is nearly finished

Ladies and gentlemen - I just took a quick drive down the west coast, not much happening in the ocean so I took a little spin down to Lorne…good news. The bowl on the beach is only a couple of weeks off completion (according to the blokes working on it). It is really deep and has VERY big overhang on the lips of the quarter pipes and bowl.

I’m going for a drive in a few weeks for a session. If anyone else is interested let me know.

Lorne, Point Cook, Rye, Coburg, Northcote…we are a lucky bunch.

Lorne, the kidney is opposite to coburg, and shallow end trannies a little mellow’ er. 1st Dec completion according to crew working it.
Any MOSS’rs heading down, call jimmy in Torq’s on 0439 481488, so I can hitch a ride and sesh with the ol’ crew.

Will have to hit it soon one sat or sun when surf is shit will give you a bell Jimmy if im gonna head down

That sounds like a plan Fletch,
Hopen’ they pour the flats in the bowl this week and we can sesh it soon. and hasn’t the surf been shite!!! wish the eastly’s would *#%@ off!!
looks like the tranny’s are way mellower than coburg, i’m really keen on something that is vert or close to it, don,t like to hang up ol’ style airing.
had a good bingle at Torq’s a fortnite ago due to that ooopsss :smiling_imp:

Jimmy are you into twin fins the new twinnie display opens at surfworld on sunday night 5.30 till 8 im gonna head over i think

Give us a call on sunday when you are there Fletch, If the weather 's fine and surf still shite like it has been for too long, carve up the Bowl alittle sounds good.

yeah could hack an hr in the bowl before checking the twinnies

Hi Fletch,
Keen for a sesh at Lorne this week??? 0439 481488.
Any other MOSS’rs headn that way, give Jimmy a ring ,
Im at Torquay, on the way thru, legally can’t drive myself there, any transport would be appreciated!! Knock off night shift Wednesday morning, have a surf if allrite, then a little kip ( traditional night shift routine) then will be keen for a Pivot.
Jimmy :smiling_imp: