Ltd Street decks for sale.

I have a small stock of Dogtown festival graphic BDS street decks.
7.75" x 31.5". Great for the street rider in your family or your wall.
$60.00 shipped anywhere in Oz.

my boy has one of these and loves it. took him to a party sat night and all his mates were goin goo-gaa over it. he’s running black wheels too so his board looks all ‘bad boy’ compared to his mates proprietary branded poofta decks :wink:

anyone training a squirt (or being trained by one) - get em on BDS :smiley:

Poofta decks…hilarious…coffee all over my keyboard…oops.

Lewis still riding his and loving it. James (15 y.o.) has trashed his already and moved on to another deck - needs a new deck every month!


Had a look in Blindside the other day and Element have a new deck out called the Fibrolite, might be a good investment for your 15 yo, it has 6layers of ply with a fibreglass layer in the centre…tuff as nails and light as a feather, they are selling it for $159. Depends whether or not he’s snapping it or grazing the tail off I suppose, but you should have a look at it anyway.

Thanks - Ill let him know. Not my boy - one of the neighbours. He’s one to watch in future - James Harrington who won U15 at Bentleigh comp.

BTW Check our Leader this week “Top Cop backs Skaters”.

Also…my mate Jamie has just started doing deck reapairs. He’s a cabinet maker by trade and his motto is “if it aint snapped I can fix it”. If the tail is wearing he can fix it so it lasts longer. He’s also buying second hand decks and recycling them to sell so you might be able to pick up a cheap deck from him. A deck a month is a nightmare!!! Need a second job just to cover that!!!

My boy is getting one of Bradens street decks for chrissy and he’s stoked!!! He thinks they’re the tuffest things he’s ever seen!!!

Yeah Ive seen James skate, he’s brilliant…he will be one to watch for the future. He floats around that skate park and makes everything look easy. Your boy is brilliant too, he was all over that comp…none of the other kids even got a look in!!! You might have to send him to the US YMCA skate camp!!! Wish they did it in Oz!!!

Braden I have someone else who wants the street deck too, have you got any left??

Wes first put graphics on a board in 1975, it’s a tribute to his art that young members of our skate tribe think they are cool in 2004.

The deck is brilliant Braden…thanks heaps!!!

I have 2 left, if anyone is interested.

G’day Braden, it’s my first post on your board …l’m a big lurker at BDS and S&B…and now CDS!

Mate can I have both of these please - before someone else snatches them.

I’ll grab some other stuff.

Check in later.

Cheers and regards, Matthias.

Mabuto! good to hear from ya, will do on the decks. Great to have the site back up!

Hi Braden, you still holding these for me ? I still want them …

Thanks, Matthias.

I miss counted, but I’ve got one for you.