Anyone keen for a session around 12ish

ok but probable be there closer to 1pm

work :cry:

i’ll be there for an hour or so during my ‘lunch’ break.

I try to get there every friday. See how work goes.

I seem to have a window from 11 till 12ish Clay, so may well see ya down there for a couple of spins round the old bowl. Stopped in at Riverwood yesterday, man , Im really enjoying skating that joint these days. Even pulled a backside grind, nearly shit meself!! :open_mouth:

I’d love to, but I’ve got my three young blokes with me for the rest of the week - going into town with em tomorrow…

Hey Andy I’ll see you at Bra at 11.00
When ever you are skating Riverwood call me on 95345188(bus) or 0416145174 as my work is only 5 minutes from the bowl and shit any excuse for a roll is always a good one agreed.

Sorry Clay, my window of oppourtunity was slammed in my face
Yesterday lunchtime, Ihear you had to do a mercy dash back home
anyway. Ill definetly give you a call next time Im slipping in a roll at Riverwood though. Actually Mosu, Richard and I were thinking about
a Riverwood to Balmoral mission one weekend soon, maybe even next
weekend if anyones keen.