M.A.S.H. Bash at Riverwood

In the absence of a more suitable handle I shall hence forth refer to the usual Dulwich Hill suspects as M.A.S.H. (mature age skate hacks, Mad Arse skate Hombres whatever)

On the 24th of April M.A.S.H. gathered at Riverwood for a morning Roll. As far as I can tell everyone had a great time. my highlights were watching Richard carve at Mach 10, Clay frontside grinding, Mark getting the drop ins for a personnal best and Dave pushing his limits (go hard mate). Apologies to the many others I havent mentioned

Noticable absence for the day was the lack of the Boys from Blacktown. Im sure they were sessioning hard somewhere in this big city of ours (or hungover…)

Pics are all frame grabs so they may be less than perfect

SkatExec frontside grind in the deep end

Richard 50-50 the shallow. Pity a photo doesnt do his speed credit

Clay with his patented “surf influence” frontside grind (almost a smith grind)

Clay again same location different run

Andrew Frontside the deep end

Pat hope you get better soon. I think Mark has your Jacket.

Col hope you get a new board soon pity about the Hosoi copy carking it

nice shots mark - clays grinds were awesome. one pair of glasses and a quicksilver top are safely in clays’ hands- anyone?

Rad pics Mosu101 of you M.A.S.H’ers, mashing the Wood, Sorry for the no show, Park is away and i had to be a Dad and a husband for this weekend im sure you can all sympathize with me. It looks like you dudes had shit load of fun out threre today oh well, anyway how does “BALMORAL UNDER LIGHTS” sound like on Wednesay night!

Balmoral under lights sounds good, but Im not sure the rest of the M.A.S.H.ers would be into it as its out of there general area.

maybe the other guys can post if Balmoral under lights wednesday night is a suitable option

Dullo gets my vote for wed night.

All is not lost with the now deceased Hosoi copy - now that the hardware is off it I’ll be passing it on to Mustang Mark for cloning…

And yes, Riverwood was heaps of fun! have to get back there sometime.

Hey Bondi, sorry to here about holmes clone.
I have a shopsoiled Skull & Cane you can have for next to nuthin if you want!

Hi M.A.S.H. ers,

I will be in Sydney for a fortnight from about Tuesday 10 May 05, will have the weekend 14th 15th free for skatin’.

Keen to hook up with the crew, and hit, Riverwood, Bondi, Da Bra etc. And take pics too!

Hope to catch up with Scott Spring, Danny Van, Mal etc etc too!

Post any sessions for the weekend (including Friday afternoon evening or any night sessions, I will be at Glenbrook, but should be able to cruise down the highway for an evening skate!

Dave Pang

Dave, the one place you have to session is Hulleys new mini, he would like to see you out there,just let me know when, and its on. and if you like i can organize something for a during the week roll at Glenbrook. The M.A.S.H crew would prob like to see you out at Dullwich Hill. Fwheww

Bondi or Bra early Saturday morning is a usual one, certainly a couple of us have been getting to Bondi at sunup on Saturday, and Dulwich Hill is the usual go for Sundays. Hope to see you at one or both!

Saw Danny Van at Bondi last Sunday Arvo, havent seen Mal for a few weeks

If you see Danny again tell him to ring me

will do if I see him!

Spoke to Danny the other night, he said Bondi Friday Arvo!

Sat morning sounds good too! What the parking situation? Pay only?

I’m keen on Riverwood too!

Parking is available along Queen Elizabeth Drive right on the beach, and thats a pay situation. Street parking nearby is also a meter thing, and the council revenue raisers are pretty rapacious so I advise paying the blasted meter! You’ll find parking on a Friday arvo pretty hard to come by on the street and slightly less so on Q.E. Drive. Sat morning its pretty easy to find.

If free parking is more up you alley, you will have to do that a pretty fair distance away from the beach.

I may try attending Fri arvo - but I get the s**ts fighting it out with the school kiddies on the ‘street’ course - although you will find the bowl is relatively empty. I will definately be there at sparrow fart on Sat, as will some others - much better then as the crowds are either reduced or non existant.

I will plan of definately Sat Morn. (what time?) before a morning coffee at the cafe…Any babes jogging along the beach?

Skate Exec. are you able to bring any of your slalom boards, I am keen to suss them out and see what they are all about!

Sat 14th it is!

Time: sunrise - sorta 7am onwards those of us that go to Bondi of a saturday start arriving.

As for babes jogging along the beach? Well they are there at all times of day!

yeah aint it wonderful!