M*A*S*H Christmas B*A*S*H

Sunday 16 December.

Parra Bowl in the morning then my place (5 mins away) for a swim and BBQ lunch into the arvo. BYO everything. Partners and kids welcome.

Awsome Steve.

empty the pool and ride that !!!

Pool is non - skateable, pebble finish and teacup tranny :cry: I built it too :blush:

Next house will def have a dual purpose pool. Swim summer - skate winter 8)

Ahem. Dont you mean skate summer, skate winter.

That would be two pools and a Lotto win Skoot.

sounds fun, i’ll be there.

Myself, wifey and the little bloke are hoping to be there!

Brave move Steve i must commend you for that, an open invitation to make an Ass out of my self, shit yeh im there.

Hey Steve Hahahah remember the comedian ummm maybe 86ish at the Mosonic Club, a pomy bastard that went down like led shit. Although the jugs of bourbon and fresh prawns have always been my most memorable years as far a Xmas partys go.

Pebblecrete makes a good bonding surface to cement to! and 700 bucks.
Ill throw in a 100!

Good, good, more the merrier. I’ll organise plenty of ice and BBQ space.

GH - sure I remember. For everyone’s benefit, we used to run a BIG Xmas party for all subbies years ago when the building game was a good one to be in… We had a comedian (I use that term loosely) that was so un-funny we almost lynched him when he started abusing the crowd for not laughing. Party included all the piss you could drink and fresh prawns trucked in by the crate - those were the days…

Deep end in my pool has 1ft tranny and 5 foor vert :open_mouth:

sweet wall jamming party im there with a camera and some bandaids

sounds like fun steve,
i’ll be there!

Skate board, pads, helment, meat, wild turkey, esky, amm , :unamused: :unamused: oh yea thats right women.

Steve, sorry the wife and I can’t make it!!
(shame on you building a pool you can’t skate!)

Hope to catch up with everyone on Wed the 28th Dec, will be there for your nite sess.

Have a shit hot XMAS all.


Sorry we could’nt make it to the BBQ - emergency plumbing issues, combined with kid wrangling and xmas crap totally buggered my plans for attending :frowning: . Hope you fellers had fun!

i hope things didnt get out of hand for your chrissy bash steve! I know how hard the MASH crew party. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done Steve ! Fine sentiment indeed. Hope all were as well behaved as one would expect of ye agent provocateurs of the MASH generation - woulda loved to have joined youse alll, but family (early) xmas duties required fleeing the inviting beaches, bowls, backyards, beer & bbq’s of Sydney for a wee weekend on the Central Coast.

Merry xmas MASH, see everyone hopefully in about 2 more weeks (maybe) when my fasciitis concaneal (fucked heel) heals.

Dear MASH dudes, I hoped to attend, but couldn’t manage to get a lift out there. I blame that ‘fascist heel’, Adrian Jones, cause he wouldn’t stop blitzkrieging Parramatta until his foot went AWOL … or something.

I’ve only got a few more weeks in Sydney, so by the time Mr Jones is back on the road I’ll probably be out of here. So, to reinforce my already pitiful profile (I’ve been begging all over the place without any response), any offers of lifts from Bondi to locations of MASH jams will be gratefilly accepted. phone: 0401604007 (don’t be surporised by female voice on message service).

thanks, Bill (not signed in)

I’ll keep you in mind Bill, if and when I actually get to attend something outside of the Bondi area! I think the missus has revoked all my skate points :frowning:

Cheers everyone. Top afternoon.

Finished the day with a mishap. James come a gutzer out the front dickin’ around ollieing over shit. Fell and broke his arm. Both forearm bones :cry:

Hospital overnight, op’d yesterday and he’s home now with a full cast up round the elbow on his left wing.

Will post pics and the x-ray when I get to it.

That’ll teach him huh? Stick to tranny son, no good can come of that flip-trickety crap :wink: