M*A*S*H @ San Remo

After a big drive I get to San Remo (thanks Rich for the directions they were spot on) and discovered the Bowl. It has the best concrete job Ive ever seen, super smooth. Personnally I found the vert and the claret in the bottom of the bowl to be a little intimidating so I only rolled around it rather then drop in. My verdict a great bowl but Id like some thing with a mellower drop in in the shallow (rather like Riverwood).

But hey its not all about me so onto the pic’s


This photo doesnt really capture the moment Rich went into a grind in the deep after a double run and came out right into the waterfall, somehow he pulled it off.


Steve knows exactly how Wedge felt (as in the famous cover shot of CharliedontSkate) with this incident fortunately he rolled out of it ok


Plenty of Attitude in Tony’s layback, I think he is giving everyone the finger

A little later on reinforcements arrived to continue the seige

Boris with a Rock n Roll


Dan Lien to tail

Old School Richie set the place on fire, here he is airing the deep end on his Big Foot that he won at the old Skool Jam last year

Probable should have mentioned Richie was going off with all manner of trickery like; sex changes, berts, airs all with some broken ribs.

There were also a number of younger skaters of whom two were standouts. Daniel Ridley or Nutta is the Lad in the Black shirt (with the hell airs) and Beau Read is in Green with the Smith

The following photo is an air off the hip into the flat bottom

Nose stall to Revert photoed a little late

Smith Grind not a make but the Lad landed some and this was the best pic I got of his efforts

Frontside Rock n Roll

TonyG read your private messages!

Thanks for putting the pictures up,they are awesome. Question picture No 2 has me in the back ground putting up some tarps for shade.Looks like I am trying to have a shit though.Good one ,luv ya all.But thanks for comming. I hope it was an enjoyable experiance for you all.In the future we might try for BBQ and boom box. I luv this shit everybody wants to do it again.NACCOS was a bit lite on the ground this time but next time should be better. Got to especially thank Nick cause he turned up to say good day and couldn’t skate.Shows commitment. Get well soon .

Didnt notice pic #2 till you mentioned it. may have to retitle it Rich 50-50 Ol School Richie (aka Spare Ribs Richie) number 2

Thanks Mosu .Funniest thing I herd in a while.I dont think even Bill could match that one. Ribs are real sore now but worth it but don’t make me laugh so much. F%^ ken top day wouldn;t be the same without you guys. Must do it again but maybe in the cooler part of the year.

Mosu, great pics of everyone.
Steve’s f/s grinds are shit hot and what can I say about O.S Rich, he is the stylemaster!

I have only been to San Remo once, but what a kewel bowl.

OS Richie


James T


Skatexe…skater come photgrapher
whats next…a happy snap shot of himself doing an invert!
Go Steve, some good pics there.

Good to see Danny Van wearing his Sims pure juice t-shirt!

The pics of OS Richie don’t do his snake-hipped bert slidin’ sex-changin routine justice. Great skate - how long did everyone stay for?

We stayed long enough to have a small night session under genny and lights. My ultimate goal is to try a complete pirourete on vert , sex changes were just a start . Did one on a mini ramp once so got to get the balls up to try it on vert.

OS richie - not even broken ribs can stop you.
Thats scary.

I helped bail out and then rode a nearly unrideable pool after already busting my rib falling on my own truck in another one. Me and OS Richie SKATE HARD (said with pirate/Simon Reynolds-like drawl)

I also notice that OS Richie on another thread seems rueful about sessioning with fractured ribs after the old next day scenario and has recommended restraint rather than playing under an injury cloud.
Those pools looked pretty unfriendly and I am in awe of anyone who was able to get up the wall in the peanut let alone that young guy goin over the light (definition of radical) - the square looked marginally more skateable to 70’s types like me. Well done and your lucky it was only a rib that got broken. Did anyone else smack themselves around in those charnel house pits of gore.

Yeah, my right arse cheek feels like it was the ball bouncing off all the walls in a game of squash.

You are dead right.Should have exersized restraint but the call to skate was stronger.Basically I gave myself a belated birthday present and had a skate with the boys.Can’t buy that in shops and totally enjoyed myself inspite of any discomfort it may have caused.Sorry I can’t make MOSS jam but I hope to get to Franga banga cause I recon its going to be just as good.The Remo day was fantastic and all who attended had good time.The Sydney guys who made the effort to come made the day.Our next get together is the bank shoot out at Maroubra. You would love it Errol and myself are going retro 70s style. Berts + banks spells megga fun.

This must stop for at least two reasons:

  1. It kills me to laugh at the moment.

  2. A giant, very pissed off, nuclear-armed Andy Pandy doll will swoop down from Newcastle and destroy us all in our sleep.