M*A*S*Hers sizzle at Bondi

Thanks to the wonders of cheap Donjoy Knee braces on Ebay I had my first skate with MAS*H (after 3 months)
at Bondi in the sizzling sun.

Besides getting to grind again I also managed to get a few shots of the crew

First up another Charlie covershot (yes I know its a little presumptious but Steve needs another cover shot)

SkatExec frontside grind Bondi Deep

Rich end of a 50-50 in the shallows

The Good Doctor cessie

Karvin Kiwi all focused on the tight corner carve

Scott carves the tight corner

SKatExec goes pearshape and causes me to need a change of shorts (luckily the camera survived)

Unfortunately I was to busy gasbagging and missed some photo opportunities with Boris’s rockin rolls
and Mustang hitting the tiles. hopefully I’ll get a snap next time

Crew Shot

Mosu, your getting some good pic’s with that camera of yours.

G’day to ya all. looks like a rad sess. Wish I was there!!
I’m looking out for some bargain basement flights for a weekend in sydney so I can sk8 with ya MASHers again.Yeah I had a ball last time(even though the back gave me hell!)

Steve, hope the bail was a success. Its a f#cking long way down from where you are!